The Recipe Book: The Chefs

Launched December 2016, The Recipe Book features four of our favorite chefs. The recipes inspired by their own education, experience and the culinary skills they collected through their journey. Here is a quick glimpse about the chefs!

Chef Karmah Tabbaa:


The recipes chef Karmah will contribute with are a tribute to The Jordan Trail- a walking trail of 650km that connects Jordan from north to south- she finished in December 2016. The recipes are the chef’s own reflection of the traditional food Jordanians consume on daily basis. The popular dishes found on the trail will be twisted with her own culinary print with ingredients that could be easily integrated in those popular dishes. Before walking the Jordan Trail chef Karmah was best known for Karmah’s Kitchen; the first restaurant in Jordan to be run and operated by a female Jordanian chef.

Chef Selma AbuAlia:


A passionate culinary specialist with various experience in the food and beverage industry across the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. Independently and as a team leader, Chef Selma shares her cross-cultural experiences in genuine hospitality in understanding the social and psychological aspects of consumer food habits and creating better systems along the supply chain in operational management. Currently the Middle East Top Chef is undertaking a masters in Food Innovation; a broad analysis on the food ecosystem and an in-depth research on global innovative retail in the food industry. Her interest is to find immersive technology solutions for differentiated customer experience and to create valuable infrastructure for operational management that enhance company culture and employee satisfaction.

Chef Sereen Kurdi:


The Local Table chef has inspired the diners at her pop-up events across the capital with exquisite food pairings and fusions of locally sourced ingredients with world flavors. Known best for her Nordic approach she obtained during her hands-on training and work experience at Aquavit NYC, her artistic yet simply plated recipes hide lots of ingredients, work and details. As a graduate from Kendall College in Chicago and a former instructor at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, chef Sereen is an example of a hard working and dedicated chef, who through her work, is trying to inspire future culinary individuals hospitality leaders.

Chef Yazan Abu Ghazaleh:


His journey as a chef started at a young age when he first joined the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts- Affiliate of Les Roches in Amman Jordan. Chef Yazan’s passion and dedication exposed him to various experiences in the culinary world, whether in Jordan or UAE. Working at five star hotels such as Marriott, Four Seasons and Hilton armed him with the professional skills that allowed him to be the winner the Matloub Chef competition on Abu Dhabi TV with marvelous creations and out of the box combinations. Before joining Etihad Airways as an Inflight chef for their First Class and the Residence guests, Yazan worked at Marco Pierre White’s Wheelers in Dubai and Omnia Gourmet- a modern Arabian restaurant by the celebrity chef Silvena Rowe. Chef Stamps is the chef’s very own social media platform where he shares his travel and culinary experiences with his audience as well as signature recipes inspired by his adventures around the world.

* If you are an inspiring chef and you wish to be part of The Recipe Book for 2017, drop us an email at

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