Ground Zero

Shaping one’s identity is a mission that takes a lifetime to accomplish. During the time, people encounter different situations and engage with different ethnicities and backgrounds that influence our behaviors. It is a process that never stops as we grow older, travel the world and expose ourselves to the cultures of the world’s heritage. Influenced by our five senses, the human interaction and cultural exchange have given birth of the fusion kitchen; a revolution in the culinary industry where ingredients of different cuisines are blended together to create new hybrid dishes with exquisite flavors.

Nowadays, it is a common trend were chefs, restaurant owners and entrepreneurs are trying to attract their audience by introducing a different approach to the original culinary concepts we are used to.  Battles are initiated among culinary experts to invent new techniques and employ science to create new flavors and textures using untraditional methods to fuse the flavors of the east and the west. We are following a trend that might soon be replaced by the emergence of another in a market that doesn’t create, but only imitates. My current job has allowed me to realize that we are drifting away from the basics, trying to copy with no reliable studies on what the market actually needs, whether a burger storm, cake artists or creative catering-designers invasion.


The talents of the chef or how good a restaurant can be rated, is not only based on the diversity and creativity of the menu, or how eye catching the plating is, but more on how perfectly the ingredients are cooked. Most of the time, our dining experiences are not up to our expectations, as we often run into overcooked dry chicken breast, over steamed dull or crunchy undercooked vegetables. A call to get back to ground zero, to master the basic cooking methods and work our way to be able to extend the knowledge and art of cooking to the passionate individuals who are seeking a remarkable dining experience is much needed.

A movement, not based on imitating what other culinary markets offer, but rather creating our own is the key to promote Jordan as a unique culinary destination. We should focus our efforts as chefs, food enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to save our own culinary heritage, enhance the cooking methods to a professional level and twisting the recipes while maintaining the originality and authenticity of our local dishes. With the availability of the variety of natural, rich ingredients and flavorful raw materials we can create our signature print on the world food map and lead our country into a bright culinary future.

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