Taste of Jordan: The Journey



Two years back, an idea was born from scratch to start a food blog that was different and unique. Searching the web for how food blogs in Jordan are composed, I found nothing special about any of them. Although they have great content, they all looked the same to me: sharing personal experiences and individual recipes. I wanted Taste of Jordan to be different, I wanted my own style and culinary approach to be reflected in what I once believed was my baby. Growing up, and celebrating the second year of my blog, here I come to share with you my personal and intimate journey of the product I have created online, highlighting unique culinary experiences and creative individuals, whom in my opinion, are driving the hidden scene and creating Jordan’s very own food print.

My passion for food has lead me to master a culinary diploma in 2012. It was a step to follow my passion and to start a new adventure away from the scientific and engineering background I grow up to inherit. In a hopeless start and a very desperate market, I decided to get back to the life I have always had. It never came to my mind that going back to what I used to be would trigger the person and achievements I have reached today. With that passion still triggering inside me, Taste of Jordan was born out of the blues. I was sitting thinking of how those brave individuals who created a culinary movement in Jordan, leaving everything behind and fighting the odds to fulfill their dreams. They are simply there, doing what they love to do, and all the focus was out on the key players, money-owners and investors who rented spaces in malls and fancy areas in Amman, claiming to provide unique culinary experiences. What is so ironic is that all of them ended up providing the same product, following a trend that never lasts and a market that is consistently changing looking for the newest, fashionable and most spoken about places to maintain their social ranking while posting an angus beef burger at X or a healthy quinoa and kale salad at Y.

Taste of Jordan was never about that. I looked and searched, I strolled the streets of the city while keeping an eye on those little entrepreneurs. Social media was an open invitation to explore those individuals, as most of them started with humble workshops at their own living spaces, as the competition and high operational expenses did not allow them to start at a bigger pace back then. I cannot be more proud of those people whom I met and chatted with, learned from and enriched my encyclopedia about how creative Jordan can be.

Today, about 2,000 km away from Amman, I work for the airline giant Etihad Airways as a chef onboard, a job that requires both mental and physical tolerance. Traveling the world was never on my agenda, neither is moving out of the city that I love. Here, what some call a dream job; I am exploring new destinations, new culinary adventures coming to realize my own culinary style. This experience that allows me to interact with guests onboard, being a great host ensuring an enjoyable flight and a unique experience for the hours we spend together.

The network created in Jordan, close friends and food passionate individuals are my eyes and ears that keep the engine for my blog running. A huge appreciation to all of you out there, for all of the creative minds I met and all the ones I will be meeting with soon, keep it up all the way and never give up, as we still need you out there, to show the world what we can be and what we can do. Keep inspiring us and leading the way to a brighter culinary future, a unique culinary print and tantalizing delicious outcomes. From Abu Dhabi to Jordan, and from Jordan to the world, I will promise to keep up my work and spread the word, for there is nothing precious than home. Keep it up dear friends and enjoy your journey the same as I am enjoying mine. Thank you for an awesome two years of blogging, two years of good food, and two years of creativity!

I am in tears now, for I am proud of what I have accomplished. Keep dreaming and keep pushing, for you all will reach the place you all want to be. Although I am tasting the world, I will always taste my Jordan!



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