For the Love of Pasta


 It was a hot day when I met Maysa as she wanted to give me a sample of her fresh pasta to try out. The container was filed with different pasta shapes and flavors and a short instruction card for cooking and storing the fresh pasta. That night, I knew that my dinner would be Maysa’s plain spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce cooked with the handpicked tomatoes from my uncle’s organic backyard. With simple ingredients and craftsmanship, a new venture is breaking into the local culinary food scene in Amman, adding a new product for the food lovers of this city to enjoy.

 Maysa’s first public experience was at Al-Barakah market, a local Saturday market that takes place in Al-Rabyeh area in Amman. “In 90 minutes, I was out of stock. The feedback from everyone at the market was surprising. I did not expect that demand on the fresh homemade pasta,” adds Maysa. Her venture that she started end of May 2015 with her participation in the Saturday market build a strong database of pasta lovers around Amman. “I get orders from new and existing customers. Production of the pasta is per order and the customers will receive fresh pasta delivered to their door,” says Maysa.

With over 8 varieties, Maysa uses only natural ingredients to color and flavor her homemade pasta. Maysa was inspired by this approach during her family vacation to Italy. “We were touring the streets of Rome and we found out that the best pasta is served at small, family owned restaurants where the pasta is handmade by the house wives. The taste and flavor of the pasta was irresistible that I wanted to take back home with me this experience and allow the pasta lovers in Jordan.” Being a stay-home mom after a successful career path in human resources gave Maysa more time to focus on her venture, paying attention to every detail, from the flour she uses, the packaging to even the branding and marketing of her local brand.


With the growing database of clients, Maysa is hoping to take her business to a whole new level, where she is planning to sell her fresh pasta at specialty shops and supermarkets around Amman. Along with that, her dream to open her pasta boutique where she is to sell and cook her favorite recipes, sharing her love for Italian food and al-dente pasta.



*Pictures courtesy of Maysa


Maysa’s Pasta


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