The Comfort Food of Joz Hind

Strolling along the streets of Al-Weibdeh, taking in its old spirit and unique architecture, the smell of the Jasmine and the friendly gestures of the local shop owners is an experience that thrills the senses and nourishes the soul. With a variety of restaurants and cafés, visitors can’t help but stop into these charming places that each adds a special something to one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods. Taken by the unique name of the place and its enticing interiors, I had to step into Joz Hind Kitchen, one of the newest restaurants in the area.

With its very simple concept, Joz Hind has been able to mark themselves as one of Al-Weibdeh’s favorite dining spots for many tourists, locals and expats living around the area and all over Amman. “We were first inspired by the location of what is now Joz Hind, as it was just the perfect place for the idea that we had in mind. After an exhausting two years of hard work, concept design and renovation, Joz Hind was brought to life,” says Hind, the owner and the wife of Luca, the head chef of the restaurant. When asked about the name of kitchen, Hind explains that by Joz Hind they do not refer to “coconut” (the actual English translation of Joz Hind), but refers to her husband Luca: Joz Hind – the husband of Hind.

The kitchen that kicked-off its operation in October last year has its own distinctive cuisine, presenting Jordan and Italy in one dish. Hind’s Jordanian roots combined with Luca’s Italian origin creates fusion dishes of locally grown products masterfully cooked by Italian hands. “Behind the counter of our kitchen, Luca always develops new recipes and experiments with new ingredients, combinations and cooking techniques. It just very inspirational to see how all these basic ingredients are paired together to create mouthwatering flavors, reflecting Joz Hind’s own identity,” adds Hind.


Being an active member in the local community of Al-Weibdeh helped the owners of the kitchen to build further relations with suppliers of local and organic produce. “Souq el Sodfeh was a great place to touch base with local and organic produce suppliers. It was established to help those suppliers to exhibit their produce and to help the community to gain more awareness of such local, fresh and organic products. From that day onwards, those suppliers have been providing Joz Hind with two crates of fresh vegetables on a weekly basis,” says Hind.

The unpredictable ingredients that the kitchen is provided with make room for more creativity and originality in each dish they serve. “We prefer serving three dishes that are cooked passionately than having a long menu to choose from,” says Hind about their small menu. “On daily basis, we serve salad or a soup (winter season only), a pasta dish, a main course containing a protein ingredient and one dessert item. Recently we’ve introduced a daily vegetarian item to our menu, as well.”


Despite space restrictions and the challenge of ingredient-sourcing, the owners were able to pull out a unique kitchen at one Amman’s popular neighborhoods. Their approach to make their guests feel like they are at home is a main reason behind the returning happy customers of Joz Hind. The comfort of the restaurant and the friendly treatment of the owners and staff alike make the experience of trying the different dishes the kitchen serves a more pleasant one. A distinguished kitchen and a one-of-a-kind restaurant that the visitors to Al-Weibdeh should not miss.

*Pictures courtesy of Joz Hind


Joz Hind


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