IL Terrazzo: Amman’s finest Italian restaurant


Fresh, locally sourced ingredients and carefully selected imported items are turned into Italian delicacies at one of the finest Italian restaurants in Jordan. Amman Marriott Hotel brought the popular IL Terrazzo restaurant from 427 meters below sea level from the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa to a new home in Amman.

The modern ambiance of IL Terrazzo is a stunning delight by itself. The large glass windows overlooking the pool reflect a Mediterranean touch that one can feel while enjoying an authentic Italian meal cooked by the finest chefs in Amman. An open kitchen concept allows the chefs to create their magic in front of the guests as the sizzling fire of their built-in oven adds another dimension to the dining experience and, unlike the restaurant’s modern interiors, the menu design is as traditional and authentically Italian as possible: a single paper lying wooden flat board and decorated with handmade copper olive branches.


The choice is never easy when it comes to choosing from the tempting menu items: variety of antipasti, fresh homemade pasta, thin crust pizzas and cooked-to-perfection main courses. Simple yet mouthwatering description follows the name of each dish of the menu. The main ingredients are concise; making room for some creativity of what will be associated with it or how it will be presented. The attention to every detail leaves no room for mistakes once the guest is guided through the menu by the experts of IL Terrazzo. Their full knowledge of the menu and the description of each dish make the menu even more appealing and the guest’s choice even more difficult.

The signature dishes of antipasti are delectable. The guests of IL Terrazzo should not miss on the Burrata cheese with fava beans and cherry tomatoes with the drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar. The fresh vegetables, smooth cheese and the acidity of the aged balsamic create an unforgettable combination. As this dish is spring on a plate, autumn is served on another: slowly poached pears in red wine, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and a mix of green leaves. A true delight that will refresh the taste buds preparing them for the main course and a sweet ending. Their signature dish of the perfectly cooked beef tenderloin and creamy fois gras tantalize the senses. Served on a bed of the earthy flavors of mashed potatoes, this faded color dish can compete with the colorful dish of grilled salmon fillet with marinated spinach and mustard seed. And the perfect end for an Italian meal is nothing less than Italy’s most beloved dessert: a heavenly fluffy Tiramisu.



IL Terrazzo is a piece of Italy and a true culinary adventure that one should not miss. Whether it’s a business lunch, a family gathering or a romantic candlelight dinner, indulging such a great cuisine, comfortable interiors and genuine hospitality create memories that yet to be remembered.


Marriott Hotel Amman

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