Toffimelt: Bringing sweetness to sweet moments in life!

Simple transparent boxes filled with paper-wrapped caramels are what differentiate Toffimelt from any other product. The creative packaging attracts the eye and draws the attention to what lies inside, which is what Toffimelt is all about. One can feel the effort placed in the production of these heavenly sweets that melts in the mouth, creating a long lasting impression and adding more sweetness to already sweet moments as Rami Haikal, the founder and owner of Toffimelt tells us.

Back in 2010, Rami took the first steps to revive his grandfather’s business of confectionary and candy production. The heritage of candy making started in 1940’s when his grandfather was granted the first license allowing him to establish the only candy and sweets production house in Jordan back then.  With little experience and lots of hard work, Rami was able to recreate his family business and turn it into a gourmet product that stands out in a very competitive market. “It actually started as a hobby, I was not planning to take it to the next level.” he adds. The busy life of Rami, his job in computer science and the musician he is did not allow his little venture to grow further. “It was very hectic, with my job, the band and day life commitments, I was not able to build a solid business of caramels and toffees. Our products were only available in seasonal markets and selective bazars around Amman.” Rami explains.

Three years later in the spring of 2013, Toffimelt (known as Caramelt at that time) was born officially after continuous testing and sampling to create a full line of mouthwatering caramels and tasty toffees. “The hard work paid off.” Rami added with a smile. Since 2013, Toffimelt has proved to be a local brand that can compete with similar products worldwide. With feedback from local and regional customers, Rami knew that he has succeeded in maintaining the legacy of his ancestors.


The passion that owner and his team put in each piece of their caramels and toffees is reflected in product itself. The process, which is completely handcrafted takes several days of work, is not only time-consuming and exhausting, but also very rewarding. “We do it all from the scratch, from mixing raw ingredients and cooking the mixture to cutting, wrapping and packaging.” Rami adds. “The ingredients that we use are natural and of high quality, with no preservatives added.” As he explains, the process is not easy, as there is much pressure to maintain the consistency and quality of the final product, as every part in the production process has to be measured accurately to ensure the consistency of the toffee and caramels.

“We have a full line of continuous production all year round of flavored caramels in addition to almond and pistachio toffee crunches. At Toffimelt, we create seasonal items such as the qmr al-din caramels we served in Ramadan and our sea-salted caramel truffles and the peppermint candy cane toffee that we introduced this holiday season to celebrate Christmas.” adds Rami. The creativity has no limits at Toffimelt when it comes to incorporating new flavors and introducing new items. Their items range from caramel popcorn, caramelized peanuts and caramel apples to sea-salted caramel sauce. This promising venture is to introduce more items in the days to come, as the passionate founder says that it is just the start to what he hopes to be a regionally and globally recognized brand.


Toffimelt is available for order, with delivery everywhere in Amman. Visit or call 079-826-2750. Soon available at selected supermarkets, cafes and outlets around Amman.

*Pictures courtesy of Toffimelt




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