The Ultimate Sushi Experience: The Sushi Den


Four months ago, they delivered their very first order of the Japanese favored delicacy: Sushi. The Sushi Den’s journey started before 2014 as Samyah Mushahwar, the mind behind this food venture, started growing the seeds to what she believes to be the best home-delivered sushi in town. “I always craved sushi at home, just as fresh and good as I eat it in sushi bars and restaurants around Amman. I was disappointed many times by the quality I received upon ordering the sushi from these fine-dining outlets. It’s just sad!” – Samyah explained. By that time, Samyah knew that she had to step in and start her own adventure to uplift the standards of the home-delivered food, specifically, her very own sushi.


In November 2013, Samyah called upon a chef she knew to help her out in her business: Chef Amelia Cabiao. Chef Amelia is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts with distinction, being the top among her colleagues. With her very humble experience of two internships at five stars hotels and resorts in Aqaba, Chef Amelia was just the right person to hire for this unusual culinary adventure. “I had no experience at all in rolling sushi, as I remember I took a-couple-of-hours practical sessions at the Academy to learn how to roll it, but I did not master it very well until the day I was part of The Sushi Den” said chef Amelia. Before sending their first order out to their first customer, both Chef Amelia and Samyah went through extensive training on how to debone fish and slice it, perfectly cook the rice, and create perfectly shaped sushi rolls.

What differentiates their product from any other, is the combinations they create with the basic ingredients of the typical and traditional sushi. “We do serve our clients all variations of sushi available in the market in addition to our own creations. Our menu varies from non-cooked to deep-fried items that are packed with sweet or spicy flavors that explode in one’s mouth triggering tasting palates” Samyah added. Some of their secret ingredients are sesame oil, Sriracha chilli sauce and Unagi sauce. All of their recipes are measured to perfection, as their aim is to maintain the taste and the quality of their product along their journey.

“We need our sushi to be different, special and outstanding.” Said Samyah, she also added it was important to emphasize her philosophy behind this one of a kind food venture. The philosophy itself has enabled many sushi lovers to have it more frequently and has changed the perception of how, when and where the sushi must be eaten. “I believe that sushi is not a luxury, it should be out there for all. Many people haven’t even tried it, as it is very expensive and served in very specific places around Amman, which they might not be comfortable in. What we try to do here at The Sushi Den is to have it available and affordable for all.” Samyah added.


At The Sushi Den, they make sure that everything in their kitchen is according to the highest standards regarding their products’ freshness and quality, workspace and personal hygiene, packaging and presentation and most importantly temperature control. “You can’t work with such sensitive ingredients and not be aware of the risks that may result if abusing any of them, especially the fish.” Chef Amelia added. She explains all year round is winter in their kitchen and the on-ice-delivery methods they use to preserve the fish and ensure that its temperature is within the temperature safe zone. Such attention to details depicts how passionate and serious the minds behind The Sushi Den are when it comes to the quality and freshness of their final product.

With more creations to be introduced soon to their existing menu including a kids’ menu, The Sushi Den is on the right track to create a sushi culture that both Samyah and Chef Amelia are hoping for. And as they explain, have it accessible and affordable for all!


The Sushi Den


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