Kubbeh Nation: Aleppo’s Kubbeh in Amman


The moment where Kubbeh Nation founders really understood the best approach to good food was when they had a meal at one of the most authentic, family-run restaurants serving the freshest ingredients and outstanding flavors of perfectly cooked food. “It is the whole experience, all your senses are involved, and what is more important is the feeling food gives you, not just while you are having it, but what it leaves behind saved in your memory and taste buds.” This philosophy is what has triggered the launching of Kubbah Nation and it was just at the right time. “Four years ago Amman had witnessed a lapse in its culinary scene but now local ventures are emerging, food start-ups with unique concepts and amazing items to serve are being created, young chefs are being well educated within the culinary industry, it’s just happening, and it’s happening fast!”


The founder’s original roots tracked back to Aleppo. They use to receive freshly made products from their family in Syria on regular basis including bread, jams and their famous kubbeh. “We used to love how fresh it was, the kubbeh, and we couldn’t find any similarities between that kubbeh and what is being served here in Amman; they all lack originality, freshness and consistency of the final product.” So it all started here, by experiencing the recipe and mastering it, Kubbeh Nation was able to sell their third tray of kubbeh to the public, with the first two being served to friends and family for feedback regarding the original dish. “They all fell in love with it, and couldn’t believe that it was hand crafted here in Jordan!”


Using only premium ingredients of local meat and extra virgin olive oil, Kubbeh Nation is pleasing the tastes of many people in Amman. The presentation of the kubbeh itself is eye catching. “It is not a random drawing; we want the kubbeh we serve to be presentable and to relate to our philosophy.” The kubbehs are made in a tray that produces lucrative designs from the Ottoman Empire. This creative idea stems from intensive research and is not surprising to know that these cuts and designs are drawings used in that period, considering their Syrian heritage. The passionate founders have implemented great emphasis on the customers’ satisfaction aspect of their business. “It is both, the quality of the product we serve and our customer’s themselves.” With their unique service, Kubbeh Nation is able to deliver their hot kubbeh within one hour of placing the order, not to mention the SMS platform they have created for orders’ confirmation. Kubbeh Nation are in the process of introducing more than 25 variations of Kubbeh later this year with a future plan to further expand is in consideration.

*Pictures courtesy of Kubbeh Nation


Kubbeh Nation

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