Freezing the Seasons: Four Winters of Amman


After recently moving to Jordan, Ali Nobani found it rather difficult in experiencing the perfect ice cream parlor, which ignited his mission. “It’s really shocking! There is no unique place serving its own ice cream that reflects character and its owner’s philosophy. Each outlet is the same as the other!” said Ali. It was this discovery that led him to do something about the situation. Surprisingly, Ali’s business endeavor has proved quite an outstanding achievement for this young entrepreneur of 27, with his recent revolutionary ice cream place: Four Winters.

Located in Abdoun’s Culinary District, Four Winters serves its customers the smoothest and freshest instantly made ice cream right in front of them! How do they do that? Well, for them its basic chemistry using liquid nitrogen to transform their fresh mixtures of ice cream in their liquid form to a smooth frozen delicacy. “We are different at Four Winters, and we have definitely gone wild!” Ali explains. “ We want it to be fresh, locally made with no preservatives, colors or any additives, and we want to engage our customers in the experience itself of creating their favorite ice cream.”



Although they have limited flavors of their frozen ice cream, it takes you a while to decide what you are going to order:  classics, favorites or seasonal. The brand name is reflected in the menu of the place, where Ali decided he would not have more than four flavors of each line, “You will get lost choosing from a long list of items. We have narrowed the choices to a total of 12 ice cream flavors, and almost half of them are being replaced with new flavors on a seasonal basis.” Ali added. Since they started in January this year, Four Winters have frozen both winter and spring. They choose Jordan’s favorite seasonal ingredients that are locally produced and turned them into a heavenly treat. No one could have imagined corn-flavored or even their most recent beetroot ice cream, and we have no idea what they are going to freeze next!


Their philosophy of working with only the best and freshest ingredients was very challenging. “It’s a long process that starts with ingredient selection, studying its origins and how it affects the taste and texture of our final product”. They use only pasteurized fresh milk that gives a different dimension and adds a hint of the milk freshness in the background of each spoon of their ice cream. Four Winters do import some of their basic ingredients, such as; their chocolates from Belgium, vanilla beans from Madagascar and their coffee beans from Columbia.

What we loved about the place is the friendly knowledgeable staff, where Ali informed us that they go through extensive training on customer service, quality control and most importantly how to work with their magical ingredient, Liquid Nitrogen. Four Winters are now preparing themselves to freeze summer and to surprise us with their unique untraditional combinations that we eagerly await!



Four Winters


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