Chef De La Soul



Meeting Rawan on a cloudy day was not as bad I thought it was going to be: she shined like a star with a smile on her face that spread happiness and positive energy all over the place! She was temporarily away from her booth, the 1×1 meters area where she mixes the best ingredients and fresh fruits to serve her famous desserts. In the beginning using a jar to serve these yummy mixtures was the last thing on her mind! She was just too far away from the three letter word ‘jar’, and as she admits:  “It all happened by accident”. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Rawan was planning her next step in her culinary journey as a chef, when by mistake; she packed the leftovers of her homemade English cake for her brother in a jar! As silly as it may seem to be, everyone began to fall in love with this creative, out-of-the-box idea!

A Spiritual Chef! – That was her plan, and it still is.

The connection Rawan built with food, is unbelievably outstanding. For the young chef, food not only fills her stomach, but it also nourishes her soul. She treats her fresh ingredients as one would treat a newly born baby; she talks, sings, jokes and even cuddles her ingredients. I was amazed when she told me that she plays music for her newly planted okra and radish seeds twice a day, which she believes will definitely enhance their growth. The only explanation is that the soul of the ingredient itself reflects on the flavor and taste of it, producing a flavorful fruit or vegetable.


According to Vedik knowledge, the quality and content of a person’s diet is significant to the factors that affect their state of mind, indeed one’s consciousness is directly influenced by the choice of food. And that is what Rawan is aiming to be: A Spiritual Chef! Her ultimate dream is to be the first Spiritual Chef in the Arab world. In other words, she wants to be the first in the region to grow the seed for meditation through food: to create and cook healthy and organic dishes to help balance the Seven Chakras. Later this year Rawan will be traveling to the Far East to enrich her knowledge in Pranic Healing (energy medicine) at one of the most spiritual places on planet Earth, India.


Thanks to Time Center, Rawan is now involved with their ‘Project Pastry’ sponsored by Swatch, where she is a guest chef on Ro’ya’s Donya Ya Donya morning TV show each Tuesday of every week. This came as a joint venture with Chef Ghada Al-Tally after Rawan’s two appearances on Ro’ya during March. There Rawan cooked a fascinating dish of pan-fried salmon, shrimp ravioli and pumpkin purée and of course, her famous cheesecake jars. “ Being on TV is not as simple as people assume, I have to prepare the recipes, test them at home, and cook them live, which adds more pressure and stress. But it is challenging, and I do like it” – Rawan adds. Swatch’s Project Pastry is challenging as well, where Rawan and Ghada have a mission to create recipes inspired from the new spring/summer collection by Swatch. There is more to come from Rawan Tamimi aka Chef De La Soul, as we will see her in more appearances and shows during this year.

*Pictures courtesy of Chef Rawan


Chef Rawan Al Tamimi



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